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Tired of searching for an aquarium snail that doesn’t produce babies by the hundreds? Nervous about Sulawesi snail care requirements?

The solution is here. Faunus ater, also known as the black devil snail, is a large aquarium snail that doesn’t reproduce in freshwater. Also, it looks awesome! The ideal choice if you’re looking for an interesting aquarium snail that won’t overrun your tank with offspring and is easy to care for.

Faunus ater is definitely one of the more spectacular freshwater aquarium snails.

Its common name ‘black devil snail’ is derived from its black body. Its shell is also usually black, although there are also Faunus snails out there with brown shells and even ‘gradient’ shells (from black to orange to white). These are sometimes referred to as ‘cappuccino’. It’s unsure whether these are actually Faunus ater or another species in the Faunus genus.

Faunus ater looks similar to Sulawesi snails: both sport an elongated shell. In reality, Faunus snails are actually said to be more closely related to Malaysian trumpet snails. They grow to a maximum size of around 3.5″/9 cm.


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