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AIMARA WOLF FISH (Hoplias aimara) 10"

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The largest species of wolf fish and one of the most impressive predatory fish available in the aquarium hobby, the Aimara or Giant Wolf Fish is a fierce predator suitable only for the largest aquariums – or perhaps more appropriately indoor ponds. Found throughout much of the Amazon and Orinoco Basins, these fish are powerful fish eaters which use their prominent sharp teeth to grab hold of prey. Despite their bulky appearance, Aimara Wolf Fish are fast swimmers and should be given ample swimming room (and a strong, tight-fitting cover). They are adaptable and generally hardy in the aquarium so long as good water quality is maintained. Due to their enormous adult size and predatory nature, these fish are only recommended for experienced hobbyists with the means to adequately house this species long term.

Origin: Wild Venezuela
Locale: Orinoco Basin near Puerto Carreno
Diet: Piscivore – will eat nearly any smaller fish. In the aquarium can be weaned on to frozen fish and shrimp
Adult Size: 30″ (record specimens nearly 4′ in length)
Recommended Tank Size: 300 gallons or more; ideally a custom indoor pond for a full grown fish
Compatibility: Extremely aggressive, likely to kill or severely injure nearly any tankmates. Best kept on their own.