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ALBINO READ HEAD ANGEL (Pterophyllum "scalare") 4" L

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The Albino Angel is a strain of angelfish that is white to silver in shading with yellow/orange tinge over the head and has pink eyes.

It inclines toward a well-planted tank of in any event 30 gallons with delicate, somewhat acidic water. Rocks and driftwood can be added to the aquarium, yet leave a lot of room for swimming.

It is ideal, when attempting to breed the Albino Angel, to house various heavenly attendants in a similar aquarium until they pair off. After a couple has built up, a level surface should be given where the eggs can be laid. A bit of record, a huge plant leaf, or even a vase ought to be situated at a point of around 30 degrees in a zone of moderate water stream. The female will lay the eggs and the male will pursue behind to prepare. After around three days, the eggs will bring forth and the fry will develop. Feed the fry recently brought forth salt water shrimp until enormous enough to acknowledge squashed chip sustenance.

The Albino Angel should be sustained an assortment of sustenances including vegetables just as substantial nourishments. Feed a quality chip nourishment just as live and solidified sustenances, for example, salt water shrimp and bloodworms.