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ALBINO SAILFIN PLECO (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps) 2"

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Sailfin pleco is a ray-finned, freshwater catfish that is widely distributed in the Amazon basins across Brazil, Peru and Venezuela. It is quite large in size but hardly show any aggressive tendency, and it is also a nocturnal animal.

A tank with a moderate or slow water flow is befitting for sailfin pleco as they are not active swimmers; the tank should however be big enough to accommodate their size. It will regularly swim at the bottom of the tank.

One quality that sets this fish apart is its tank-cleaning capability. This fish also exhibit some survival instinct as it readily source for it own oxygen supply. The difficulty/inability to breed them in the tank may however make some persons look away from them but the fish remains a lovely creature to grace the home aquarium with.


Sailfin Pleco, just as the name suggests, has a fin that is shaped like a sail of a yacht. They were discovered by a person named Kner. It is a very beautiful looking fish with unique looking fins. The scientific name of the Sailfin Pleco is Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps, and it belongs to the family Loricariidae. These fishes are easily available in pet stores and online. The price of the fish is affordable, and the daily care for the fish is also not costly.

Sailfin Pleco is a fish that eats mostly vegetarian foods; however, they eat dead foods at times, as well. So one cannot totally pin Sailfin Pleco as a herbivorous fish type. This is an omnivorous fish that has an interesting body structure, which is not usually seen amidst fishes.

The Sailfin Plecosare a type of catfish which look very handsome because of the spots on their skin. They grow into pretty big fishes.They are also used by aquarists in the aquarium as they are an eye catchy fish. While buying this fish, you should bear in mind that they are nocturnal and that they are very active all through the night.

They are great fishes to be kept as a pet as they are very charming and belong to a peaceful community of fishes. They get along with their tank mates very easily and are not a threat to other smaller fishes in the tank.