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AXELRODI CORYDORA (Corydoras Axelrodi)

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Type locality is ‘Río Meta, Colombia’, and this species is apparently endemic to that drainage although precise locality details are scarce.

There appears to exist evidence to suggest that the type locality is situated in the Río Manacacias basin, Meta Department, near the municipality of Puerto Gaitan.

The Meta flows through Colombia, forming the border with Venezuela in its lower reaches before flowing into the Río Orinoco at Puerto Carreño.

Peaceful and gregarious. Should be maintained in a  group of at least 4-6 individuals.

Can be bred in a similar fashion to many other Corydoras species.

Use a ratio of 2 males per female if possible, and when the females are visibly full of eggs perform a large (50-70%) water change with cooler water, and increase oxygenation and flow in the tank. Repeat this daily until the fish spawn.