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BANDED GHOST KNIFE (Gymnotus carapo) 10"

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Common Names: Banded Knife

Synonyms: Carapus macrourus , Gymnotus albus , Gymnotus brachiurus, Gymnotus Fasciatus, Gymnotus putaol, Sternopygus carapus

Family: Gymnotidae

Order: Gymnotiformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Max. size: 60 cm / 25 inches.

Environment: Freshwater

Origin: South America.

Temperament: Non aggressive. Do not keep with aggressive or species that are small enough to swallow.

Company: Best kept with other non aggressive species. Don’t keep them with other knifes. Don’t keep them with fin biters.

Water parameters: pH 6.0-7.5, temperature 23-28°C / 73 - 82° F

Aquarium setup: This species requires a very large well planted aquarium. It is best not to keep more then one of these fishes together in the aquarium. The Aquarium should be decorated with a lot of hiding places among rotes, rocks and plants. Floating plants should be used to dim the lighting.

Feeding: Accepts live and frozen food. Some accepts pellets and flakes right away others need too be weaned before they accepts pellets and flakes.

Breeding unknown