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BANDED TIGER LOACH (Syncrossus helodes )

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Can be belligerent and should not be kept with much smaller fishes as they may be intimidated by its size and sometimes very active behaviour. Slow-moving, long-finned species such as ornamental bettas, guppies, and many cichlids should also be avoided as trailing fins can be nipped.

More suitable choices are fast-moving, pelagic cyprinids such as many Devario, Rasbora, ‘Puntius‘, Mystacoleucus, and some Danio spp., while in larger tanks the genera Barilius, Luciosoma, Balantiocheilos, and Barbonymus are options.

In terms of bottom-dwellers it’s often said to do well alongside other robust botiid species though experiences tend to vary with some reporting excessive aggression. Some cobitid/nemacheilid loaches are also possibilities as are members of Epalzeorhynchos, Crossocheilus, and Garra plus many non-territorial catfishes. As always, thorough research prior to selecting a community of fishes is the best way to avoid problems.

These loaches are gregarious, form complex social hierarchies and should be maintained in groups of at least 5 or 6 specimens, preferably 10 or more. When kept singly they can become withdrawn or aggressive towards similarly-shaped fishes, and if only a pair or trio are purchased the dominant individual will typically attack the other(s) repeatedly and may prevent them from feeding.