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BANDED YELLOW ACARA (Bujurquina vittata)

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Yellow Banded Acara (Bujurquina vittata) are well-known for their distinct breeding habits. The pair will search for suitable pieces of decor to use as a spawning location - typically a leaf or piece of bark. The piece is moved around the tank and defended by the pair until the fry hatch. At this time, the parents keep them in pits that are dug in the sand until they are able to fend for themselves.

To witness this amazing breeding mechanism, leaf litter, pieces of bark, or light-weight pieces of plastic can be scattered around the tank. Males can reach 5" long, so a tank of at least 40 gallons is advised. Tankmates include large characins, livebearers, and similarly sized South American cichlids (Geophagus spp., Acarichthys spp., Heros spp.).