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In its shining armour Cherax lorenzi reminds of a medieval knight, who is on its way to the tournament. With a size of 12 cm it can be kept very good in aquariums starting from 100 cm length. Contrary to some of its relatives Cherax lorenzi does not seem to harm other tank mates. Therefore it seems to be suitable also for community tanks. This would have to be well arranged and equipped with numerous caves and hiding places. Also a certain plant compatibility is certified to them, the vegetable portion of the food should be kept high. As omnivores they can be nourished with staple food (granulates/stick), this should however be supplemented by fish meat, Shrimps, frosted food as well as carrot, cucumber, Zucchini, salad and other vegetables. Towards the water chemistry no special requirements are placed, they have been bred already several times at 25°C. The youngsters have a very high oxygen demand, a good filtering, water movement and a good aeration should be thus present in the aquarium.(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)