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BLUE FACE BUESCHERI ( Neolamprologus Beucheri)

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 (Neolamprologus buescheri) is a Lake Tanganyikan cichlid that inhabits areas of shoreline with rocky substrates from Tembwe II on the western coast, all around the southern part of the lake, up to Samazi on the eastern side.   Several geographical morphs are available from other areas of the lake, including “gombi”, “kachese”, “kamakonde”, and “zaire”.

Some tropical fish keeping enthusiasts have successfully kept Striped Lamprologus with some of the other

Striped Lamprologus (Neolamprologus buescheri) Kamakonde

Striped Lamprologus (Neolamprologus buescheri) Kamakonde

small to medium sized Tanganyikan cichlids (like Cyprichromis) but avoid the shell dwellers.   Other rock dwelling species like the Julidochromis or Altolamprologus are also possibilities, but only in large aquariums with plenty of separate territorial rock settings.

Striped Lamprologus should never be housed with mbuna or other rambunctious cichlid species or cichlids large enough to consider them part of their diet.

Neolamprologus buescheri are without a doubt the most aggressive of all the small Tanganyikan cichlids and are definitely NOT recommended for beginners.

Striped Lamprologus are cave dwellers and should be housed in at least a 55 gallon aquarium set up with plenty of stones and rocks that are formed into caves and crevices for them to hide among.   The tank should have a very fine gravel or sandy substrate and if your choose, plants to provide a more aesthetic scene.


Neolamprologus buescheri are not usually available at tropical fish keeping shops or online as juveniles or adults.   When available they demand a modest price at any size.