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AFRICAN PIPEFISH (Enneacampus Ansorgei)

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The small freshwater pipefish originates from Western Africa, from Cameroon to Gabun and in the Zaire- and Ogowe River. These fish inhabit freshwater as well as brackish water habitats. Addition of sea salt (1-2 teaspoons per 10 litre of water) will therefore increase the vitality of these fish. This species, but actually all freshwater pipefish, need a special fish tank for its own in order to thrive because they are slow eating fish. They eat only life food like daphnia, cyclops, brine shrimps and the smallest fish fry. Breeding has been performed successfully in captivity on several occasions. The female lays her eggs over the breeding pouch of the male pipefish. The eggs are attached on the male animal behind the vent within an area bordered by 2 folds, which form the breeding pouch. These fish need regular water changes and a clean fish tank but will give their owner many pleasure by displaying beautiful colouration and an interesting behaviour. (Photo: Frank Schäfer, Text: Izaak den Daas)