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DEMON EARTH EATER (Satanoperca jurupari) 4.5" LG

DEMON EARTH EATER (Satanoperca jurupari) 4.5" LG

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Geophagus Jurupari, also known as Satanopera Jurupari or the Demon Earth Eater, is a beautiful creature.

These are magnificent Cichlids found in the soft acidic waters of the Amazon, which continuously shift between sand and other substrates in search of food. When kept as pets, these fish are beneficial in maintaining a clean aquarium if you can maintain them well.

Size Up to 12″ (26 cm) total length
Tank 50 + gallons
Strata Middle and Bottom
pH 6 to 8 pH
Hardness Soft to Medium
Temperature requirement 75°F to 86°F

Biological Specifications

Common Name Eartheater or devil, Demon
Origin Amazon River basin, Peri, most areas of Guinea
Diet Flake food, blood worms, shrimp
Species Jurupari
Genera Satanoperca
Family Cichlidae
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