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FALSE FIREMOUTH CICHLID (Cribroheros Rostratus)

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Astatheros Rostratus can be a great addition to any freshwater aquarium. They are docile river fish from Central America with unique personality traits and varying color schemes. But as with any fish, knowledge of the species and proper research are required before buying and adding them to your aquarium.

Astatheros Rostratus are freshwater fish that originate from the rivers and lakes in Central America. They are relatively peaceful fish that prefer to live in groups. 

They interact well with most other non-aggressive species. When fully grown, they are medium to large fish, and since they thrive best in a group, proper tank size will be necessary.

Habitat and Tank Requirements

The natural habitat of the Astatheros is both lakes and medium to fast-moving rivers, so a freshwater tank of decent size is required to recreate their natural living conditions while in captivity. 

Juveniles can be held in a tinier tank while still relatively small in size but will need more room as they grow. Since they need to be kept as a group, a large tank will be required when the group matures. 

It is essential to recreate the Central American waterways they originate from as much as possible. This will consist of both sand and small gravel. 

Adding river-worn rocks and boulders will help recreate the natural rivers they originate from and provide natural shelter, though they are inclined to stay out in the open.


As with any other fish, proper care is paramount to keep Astatheros Rostratus alive and thriving. As discussed, the tank must be large enough to hold a group of fish comfortably properly. 

The proper aquarium is also essential; cleaningmaintenance, and maintaining suitable water conditions are necessary steps for any fish, and the Rostratus is no exception. 

They thrive best in certain water conditions, like other species of fish from Central America, with both hard water and high pH levels. Knowledge of water testing and adjusting the water to the conditions can be vital to their overall health. 

Water temperature is also a factor; the water that Astatheros Rostratus naturally thrive in is cooler than some people are used to maintaining. Remember that these levels can differ from other species, so when intermingling different types of aquatic life with Astatheros Rostratus, ensure that the water conditions are beneficial to all species in the tank. 

Always remember to consider every species in the tank when making any adjustments or habitat decisions.