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GREEN NEON SHRIMP (Caridina Babaulti "green")

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If you love colors you'll adore Caridina babaulti. This relatively uncommon dwarf shrimp comes in red, brown, green, yellow and even zebra stripes! Their hardiness makes these a great beginner option, although they can be a little more shy than many other species.

Scientific name: Caridina cf. babaulti

Common names: Babaulti shrimp, green Babaulti shrimp, zebra Babaulti shrimp, etc.

Difficulty level: Easy

Origin: Mainly India, possibly other regions in Asia

Caridina babaulti shrimp aren't demanding when it comes to their aquarium. A tank of 5 gallons or up should work fine for your colony, although you might want to go a little larger if you're a beginner.

Once you've got your tank, all you need is a filter and a heater. The filter allows your aquarium to cycle. Do make sure you get a shrimp-safe type: anything without a sponge intake might suck up and shred small shrimp. A sponge filter should work well. The heater help keeps the water at the right temperature and, more importantly, stable.

Caridina babaulti can be a little more reclusive than many of its 'cousins' and will appreciate plenty of hiding places in the aquarium. They're not picky about hides and anything that provides cover will work well. Try live plants with plenty of texture like Java moss, shrimp tubes, rocks and driftwood.