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GREEN RIFFLE GOBY (Stiphodon Elegans)

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This striking goby boasts neon blue-green coloration in male specimens and, like other Stiphodon gobies, is an excellent fish for aquariums with high water flow.


The Green Riffle Stiphodon Goby (Stiphodon elegans.) is a very rare freshwater dwarf goby that is native to Polynesia.  It is known for the neon blue-green coloration that male specimens display.  Females are not as colorful, but are still very attractively marked with horizontal black and cream-colored stripes.  This fascinating, peaceful fish is an algae and biofilm grazer that is an excellent candidate for the mature nano aquarium.  


An aquarium with heavy water flow (10 to 15 times turnover per hour) and very clean, clear water is required for the Green Riffle Stiphodon Goby.  This fish is native to shallow, clear, fast-flowing waters and it is sensitive to declines in water quality, so regular aquarium maintenance is a must.


The Green Riffle Stiphodon Goby is a biofilm and algae grazer in nature.  It is known to usually accept frozen meaty foods, but such foods should only be fed occasionally.  This fish will also sometimes accept high-quality dry foods that are rich in plant matter, but it is absolutely essential that biofilm and algae are naturally available in the aquarium to ensure its long-term health or else it may slowly starve.  As long as it is kept in a well-maintained, mature aquarium with good biofilm and algae growth as well as high water flow, the Green Riffle Stiphodon Goby is a hardy and entertaining fish.  It will not bother aquarium plants.  In fact, Anubias species are an excellent plant to keep with this goby because Anubias can foster significant biofilm/algae growth in an aquarium with moderate to high lighting.


Most small rasboras, tetras, hillstream loaches, and other small, peaceful fish are good tankmates for the Green Riffle Stiphodon Goby.  Due to its small size and diet, the Green Riffle Stiphodon Goby can also be kept with dwarf shrimp, although it might eat a few of their fry.  Dwarf shrimp are particularly good tankmates in larger aquariums where they can find areas of lower water flow.  Peaceful bottom-dwelling fish are also a possibility, but care must be taken to make sure that the passive Green Riffle Stiphodon Goby is not outcompeted for food.  Female Green Riffle Stiphodon Gobies will often congregate together, even with other goby species such as the Blue Neon Dwarf Goby.  Males seem to be able to differentiate between females of different species during courtship behavior.