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GREEN TIGER LOACH (Syncrossus hymenophysa)

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Scientific name: Syncrossus hymenophysa (Bleeker, 1852)

Common name: Tiger loach, Tiger Botia, Green Tiger Loach.

Synonyms: Botia hymenophysa, Cobitis hymenophysa (Bleeker, 1852)

Distribution: Borneo & Sumatra, Indonesia, peninsular Malaysia.

Sexual Dimorphism: Mature females likely to have a rounder abdomen.

Maximum size: 25cm (10").

Care: Keep in a large sized aquarium, ideally measuring at least 4ft long to start with, and be prepared to move the fish on to bigger quarters as they grow. The substrate must be fine and sandy in order to protect the delicate sensory barbel area. Provide plenty of hiding places in the aquarium amongst bogwood, caves, and plants. Clean, well-aerated water is a must.

Feeding: Will accept most brands of dry sinking catfish pellets, but should be offered a variety of frozen foods to supplement the diet - mosquito larvae and brineshrimp are usually taken with much enthusiasm. Larger specimens will take mysis shrimp, krill and chopped prawns.

Water parameters: Soft and slightly acidic is best. pH: 7.0 or below, dH: <12 degrees.

Temperature: 77ºF to 86ºF (25-30°C)

Breeding: Not known to have been bred in aquaria.