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L015 CANDY STRIPE PLECO (Peckoltia vittata)

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This fish, often labelled 'Candy Striped Peckoltia' has often been confused in hobby literature with the fish we now know as Panaque maccus, the clown pleco [For example, Baensch Atlas Vol. 1 has a picture of Panaque maccus with the label Peckoltia vittata next to it]. As with most Loricariids, colouration depends on mood.

Peaceful if a little territorial. As a rough guide give each fish a 12 inch square area well broken up with decorations.

A medium sized pleco that can be combined with a very wide array of tankmates due to its unfussy nature. Perfectly safe with small fishes and shrimp or robust enough to withstand the attention of all but the largest cichlids.