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L262 FINE SPOT PLECO (Hypancistrus. Sp L260)

L262 FINE SPOT PLECO (Hypancistrus. Sp L260)

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Feeding Unlike the popular opinion of many other loricariids, Hypancistrus are more carnivores than algae eaters. This is backed up by a small and lightly toothed mouth that indicates they are poor algae scrapers. Provide small and frequent supply of mainly meaty foods such as dry discus food, bloodworm and even brineshrimp with the infrequent offering of flake or algae tablets.
Furniture Sand, primarily rocks and optionally driftwood. Caves made out of slate plates, bamboo or PVC pipe.
Compatibility Suitable with most fish, as long as they are not too large or territorial about bottom-space.
Suggested Tankmates Small tetras and other similar small fish. Also Corydoras. Care has to be taken to ensure that they get enough food, as they can be a bit shy and slow to grab food when available.
Breeding Typical Hypancistrus cave spawner. Reports suggest relatively low number of eggs per spawn. Approximately 10 days incubation till hatching.
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