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LDA031 MUSTARD SPOT PLECO (Panaqolus albomaculatus)

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Scientific Name Panaqolus albomaculatus  (Kanazawa, 1958)
Common Names LDA031, Mustard Spot Pleco
Orange Spot Pleco
Type Locality Río Pucuno, trib. of Río Suno, upper Río Napo basin, 0°47'S, 77°16'W, Napo Prov., Ecuador.
Synonym(s) Panaque albomaculatus
Pronunciation pan ack oh luss - al bow mak u LAT uss
Etymology Panaqolus: Inelegantly derived from the indigenous term Panaque and in a form that infers a smaller size than that genus. This specific epithet refers to its white(albus=white) spots(maculo, -atus=spot, speckle).
Feeding Sinking pellets, live and frozen worm type foods.
Furniture Bogwood is preferred to stone.
Compatibility Peaceful.
Suggested Tankmates Works well with most types of peaceful community fish. Can be somewhat territorial towards conspecifics, but given enough hiding spaces, a group can be kept in a suitable size aquarium - roughly requiring a 30 x 30cm area per fish.