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MBU PUFFER (Tetraeodon Mbu) 7"

MBU PUFFER (Tetraeodon Mbu) 7"

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The Mbu puffer, giant puffer or giant freshwater puffer (Tetraodon mbu) is a carnivorous freshwater pufferfish originating from the middle and lower sections of the Congo river in Africa, as well as the east coast of Lake Tanganyika near the Malagarasi River mouth.

The species is commonly referred to as the giant freshwater pufferfish due to its massive size, growing to a length of 67 cm (26 inches). As such, these fish are difficult to adequately house in home aquaria since they require a very large tank and appropriately scaled water filtration. A minimum tank size of 300 gallons, at least 72" by 24" is required to house them long term, preferably tank size of 500 gallon and 15-20X filter turnover. They also have a very large diet requirement and with that produce a ton of waste.

Like all of its relatives, the Mbu puffer is capable of inflating itself with water or air when stressed or otherwise frightened. It feeds on smaller fish, mollusks and crustaceans. Species kept in captivity require a varied diet consisting of crunchy foods to help ensure good health and to prevent tooth overgrowth.

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