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RED DEVIL Amphilophus labiatus

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The Red Devil Cichlid Amphilophus labiatus (previously Cichlasoma labiatum) makes a personable and exciting display for the large show tank. It is a very large Central American cichlid, reaching up to 15" (38 cm) and is known for being one of the most ferocious and aggressive of the cichlids. 

This cichlid has a great deal of variability in its body structure and coloration. The coloring in the wild is often a dark brown to gray which helps them blend into their natural surroundings and the substrate. Yet some are bright red, while others are white or yellow. Some of the more colorful individuals will also have a black-tipped tail and black-tipped fins. Their lips are thick and rubbery looking and can be either black or orange.

No matter what the color, this is an extremely charismatic fish that hobbyists tend to go nuts over. It is a very "owner conscious" cichlid. They will quickly form quite the attachment to their owner and will 'play' with you just like a dog might. They have been known to follow their owners around the room, beg for food, show off their colors and speed, and do other fun, playful things. It will also respond to interactions like feeding and cleaning the aquarium.