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MILK SPOTTED PUFFER (Chelonodon patoca)

MILK SPOTTED PUFFER (Chelonodon patoca)

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Maximum Size: 15"
Aggression: Mid
Temperature: 74-80 F
pH: 8-8.5
Hardness: 15-25 dH
Brackish Tolerance: 1.005-1.025
Minimum Tank Size: 100 gallons
Feeding: Crunchy foods like shelled crustaceans and clams/mussels should comprise large part of diet. Will also eat pieces of fish and squid
Notes: Not a terribly common fish found in the trade, the Milkspotted Puffer is a very hardy fish that is tolerant of a wide range of salinity levels. Though found in freshwater in the wild at times, in the home aquarium it is best kept in water upwards of 1.005. They are low energy fish and can often be seen resting on the bottom of the tank.

Not terribly aggressive by Tetraodontiform standards, the Milkspotted Puffer can be very nippy and thus is hard to place with other fish tankmates. In much larger tanks (upwards of 150 or 200 gallons) they can be reliably kept with other Milkspotted Puffers. Pufferfish are known for being “individualistic”, though, and some specimens may not cohabitate with anything comfortably. Any invertebrates in the tank (such as the Blue Legged Hermit Crab) will likely be consumed. Avoid placing these fish with venomous tankmates (like Lionfish and Eel Catfish) as their inquisitive nature and nippy disposition often results in envenomation.

Like most Pufferfish, Milkspotted Puffers are sensitive to many medications, especially those including copper. Pufferfish teeth grow quickly and may require trimming at some point; information and instructions included in the sources below.

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