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NEW GUINEA TIGER PERCH (Datnoides Campbelli)

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Common name: New Guinea Tigerfish

Scientific name: Datnioides campbelli

Origin: Found in estuarine waters around New Guinea and in rivers around the Gulf of Papua.

Size: Not known, but around 45cm/18" is probably typical for this species.

Water: Lives in both brackish and freshwater. These fish were doing well in hard, alkaline freshwater. The supplier says that it should be possible to keep them in these conditions in the long term, although others do recommend brackish conditions for adult campbelli.

Diet: River shrimp, chunks of frozen fish and prawns. Pellets are sometimes taken by other Datnioides species.

Identification: These are much more golden than other Datnioides species and their stripes are less distinct. The fish also has a different number of gill rakers to other species, plus 10 branched anal rays and 14-15 branched dorsal rays.