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NORTHERN LONGNOSE CORYDORA (Corydoras septentrionalis)

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Very peaceful and suitable for many community tanks. Don’t keep it with anything very large or aggressive. Good tankmates include small characins, cyprinids, anabantoids, dwarf cichlids and other peaceful catfish. Always try to maintain Corydoras in groups as they’re far more confident and active in the presence of conspecifics. A group of at least 6 individuals is suggested.

There are 2 other species that superficially resemble C. septentrionalis. These are C. simulatus and C. amapaensis. Simulatus differs from septentrionalis by the absence of the third set of small, upper (rictal) barbels, situated behind the other two pairs in both septentrionalis and amapaensis. Amapaensis differs in that it has a clear caudal fin. This fin is noticeably barred in septentrionalis.