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RED BEE MOSURA SHRIMP (Caridina Logemani .var)

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Taiwan Bee shrimp were first bred in Taiwan. They are probably one of the most popular dwarf shrimp variants right now, and they are frequently carried under the name Shadow Bee, too. They are said to have first appeared in a strain of red and black Bee shrimp, however, this is just hearsay. The Taiwan Bee variant with the patterns Hinomaru to Mosura was first bred in Germany. It is characterised by large white parts on the pleon. Their dense red and white pigmentation is fascinating. The red parts can be very dark and intensely-coloured.

They can be kept just like Bee Shrimp/Red Bees, as they have the same requirements:
water temperatures of 20 - 26 °C, a slightly acidic pH and a low carbonate hardness.

The Taiwan Bee - Red Hinomaru Mosura dwarf shrimp grows to a maximal body length of 2 cm and reaches an age of approximately two years. The males stay slightly smaller than the females and do not get as plump.

The Red Hinomaru/Red Mosura - Taiwan Bee shrimp is an omnivore and will eat just about any food. The species is very peaceful. You can easily keep them together with fish that do not predate on shrimp. When these shrimp are happy with their environment, the females will release up to 25 almost fully developed shrimplets after carrying the eggs under their pleon for around 4 weeks.

Taiwan Bees do not have any special requirements regarding the aquarium decoration ... here you can use your imagination freely. The shrimp are happy with a little moss and driftwood ... and if there are some hiding-places like tubes or brown autumn leaves (oak or beech) in the tank, the Taiwan Bees have everything they need.

Our tip for keeping Taiwan Bees!
Taiwan Bee shrimp feel the happiest when the pH is between 5.5 and 6.5, a total hardness of 5 - 6° dGH (German hardness) and a carbonate hardness of 0 - 1° dKH (German hardness). The temperature should be between 21 and 23° C ... varied food (predominantly of vegetable origin, and frozen food fed sparingly) contributes to heathly, vital, happy shrimp.