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RED SHINER (Cyprinella lutrensis)

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Widespread across North America and introduced to North Mexico. Originates in the Mississippi river basin. 


Up to 9cm/3.6” although usually smaller.


Feeds on terrestrial and aquatic insects in nature, and algae. In the aquarium it will accept a wide range of foods, from a staple flake food to live and frozen bloodworm, mosquito larvae, brineshrimp and Daphnia.


Prefers a temperature of 15-25°C/59-77°F. Great for the unheated indoor aquarium, but not for the outside pond.


Red shiners are an attractive cool water fish that will appeal to those wanting something completely different to goldfish. They could be mixed with other cool water, active fish like danios and White Cloud Mountain minnows, though should not be mixed with goldfish as they will out-compete them and are a fin-nipping risk.


Quite an active fish that should be kept in groups. Combine this with their maximum size of nearly 10cm/4” and a 90cm/35” tank should be considered the minimum length for a group long term.


Easy, as males are far more colourful when mature and when in spawning condition carry raised white breeding tubercles all over their heads.