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RED TIGER SHRIMP (Caridina dennerli)

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The Tigris Sulawesi Shrimp's social behaviours are often quite fascinating to watch and are popular amongst breeders. This species is not aggressive and seems to enjoy the presence of other species in the tank. They are relatively popular in the shrimp-keeping hobby due to their vibrant colours and ability to thrive in warmer temperatures. Sulawesi shrimps are generally shy and sensitive to water parameter changes.


It would be better for your shrimp if you made sure they have enough hiding places in the tank, compromising caves, rocks, plants, or moss, as this gives them adequate spaces to moult safely. , when there are more places to hide in the aquarium, you will notice that they come out often and graze. Keeping a larger shrimp colony will also encourage the shrimps to come out from their hiding places more often and provide better breeding chances.


It would be better if you did not house your Suawesi shrimp with other fish species as the presence of herbivores or small fish will still stress them out even if they do not consume the shrimp. However, Rabbit Snails do make good tankmates.


Tigris Sulawesi Shrimps come in two different base colours, one brown and the other red. They display a tiger-like pattern with white stripes over the body hence the name. Tigris Sulawesi Shrimp have reddish transparent appendages, but the first two pairs of legs are usually white.