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SHADOW CATFISH (Hyalobagrus flavus)

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This is a riverine species found in the Batang Hari drainage in Sumatra and the Mentaya Basin in Borneo. It’s biotope is typified by acidic blackwaters and it can often be found in large shoals, hovering under cover of floating vegetation, or amongst submerged grasses.

It does best in soft, acidic water conditions. The fish are more outgoing if they are provided with some cover, so try planting the tank quite densely in some areas, whilst leaving some open spaces for swimming. The addition of some floating vegetation to diffuse the light is also a good idea. Other decor can include driftwood and smooth rocks. Water movement should be kept to a minimum. It is sensitive to deteriorating water quality, so efficient filtration and a regular maintenance routine are essential.

A very peaceful and gregarious little catfish which does best when kept in a shoal of at least six individuals. Tankmates are completely ignored and it is therefore suitable for most communities of small to medium-sized, peaceful species. Recommended tankmates include rasboras, danios and small loaches