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SPOTTED KUHLI LOACH (pangio muraeniformis)

SPOTTED KUHLI LOACH (pangio muraeniformis)

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The Spotted Eel-loach, also known as the Spotted Coolie Loach or Borneo Loach, inhabits muddy, slow-flowing streams and pools in freshwater swamp forests. These small fish are elusive, lying amongst the rotting leaf litter and plant detritus on the substrate of such habitats.

The body is slender, orange in colour and bears an irregular pattern of darker blotches. P. muraeniformis is distinguished from similar species by the dark blotches being 'spotted' rather than 'banded', and by the three bands across the head - one in front of the eyes and two behind.

The mouth parts are located ventrally, and there is a pair of short, stubby barbels; the fish feeds on bottom-dwelling invertebrates and detritus.

The species ranges from Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore to Sumatra (including Riau Islands and Bangka) and parts of Borneo. 


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