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SYNODONTIS FEATHERFIN (Synodontis eupterus)

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Should not be kept with any fish so small as to be considered food. Ideal tankmates include Alestiid tetras, robust cichlids (particularly West African species), Mormyrids, Knifefish, Gouramis and larger rasboras and barbs. It tends to become slightly territorial as it matures, especially towards other Synos. However any aggression is usually far less pronounced than in some other members of the genus and it can be maintained in a small group in a suitably sized aquarium, provided each fish is given a refuge to call home. Not recommended for the general community due to its adult size.

One of the most popular and commonly seen Synos in the hobby, S. eupterus is usually offered for sale as a small (1-3″) juvenile with no information regarding its potential size. These young fish are often sold as Synodontis “Network” due to their attractive reticulated patterning. This patterning breaks up as the fish mature and adult specimens have a simple spotted colouration. The characteristic ‘feathered’ dorsal also develops with age, with the first few rays developing long extensions.

This species is relatively secretive in the aquarium, and can often be found in the classic Synodontis inverted position underneath overhanging rocks or driftwood. However, it will learn to emerge for food, even when the tank lights are on with time. It can survive for over 15 years in the aquarium if maintained properly.

Also known as the Featherfin Squeaker.