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SYNODONTIS OCELLIFER (Synodontis ocellifer)

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The Ocellated Synodontis Synodontis ocellifer certainly has plenty of spots. Its scientific names originate from Greek. The genus name, a combination of "syn" meaning "together" and "odontos" meaning "tooth", describes their closely spaced mouth. The species name, however, is the telltale designation of this particular fish. The Greek word "ocellifer" means "little eyes" or "eye-like spot", which aptly describes the dark spots on its body.

This fish is also commonly known as the Large-spot Catfish. There are several color forms including black, tan, and yellow. Some have color in the finnage, while others have almost no color other than their large spots. The large spot variety is usually thought to be the most attractive of the color forms, and though it used to be quite rare it is now fairly common.

Large-spot catfish are fairly hardy and are not difficult to keep in a well maintained environment, making them quite suitable for beginning aquarists. Provide a soft substrate along with a decor of rocks and wood that create plenty of caves and crevices for hiding and places of retreat. They will also appreciate some surface floating plants to help reduce the amount of daylight in the aquarium. Other plants are fine, but not necessary.