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TIGER SNAIL (Siamopaludina) martensi cambodjensis

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For the first time ever we were able to import this pretty snail from Thailand. It is a typical viviparid snail that shares all the characters of the family: these animal breath via gills, not via lungs, and thus use the dissolved oxygen in the water for breathing, like fish do; there are males and females, the males can be recognize by the fact that one of the antennas is modified in shape; these snails are livebearers; and they are no algae-eaters in the strict sense, but feed on Aufwuchs and detritus. Food tablets (produced for ornamental fish) are a reliable food for them in the aquarium. Filopaludina (Siamopaludina) martensi cambodjensis attains a length of about 4 cm.