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Species name: Metynnis fasciatus

Synonym: Achirus fasciatus

Common name: Striped Metynnis

Family: Serrasalmidae

Order: Characins

Class: Actinopterygii

Maximum size: 13 cm / 5 inches

Environment: freshwater

Origin: South American Amazon basin

Temperament: Peaceful

Company: Metynnis fasciatus (Striped Metynnis, striped silver dollar) are suitable for community aquariums.

Water parameters: Temperature 22-26˚C / 72-79˚F; pH 5.0 – 7.0

Aquarium setup: Metynnis fasciatus (Striped Metynnis, striped silver dollar) should be kept in a large aquarium with a few densely planted aquariums and a lot of open areas to swim on. Some specimens of this species eat plants and if your fish shows this trait you can to leave plants out of your setup. Metynnis fasciatus (Striped Metynnis, striped silver dollar) should always be kept in groups of 10 fishes or more.