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TWO SPOT MYSTUS (Mystus bimaculatus)

TWO SPOT MYSTUS (Mystus bimaculatus)

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The Two Spot Catfish is known only from peat swamps in Sumatra. Here the water is stained tea colour from tannins and is very soft and acidic. Very sadly, this natural habitat is under much pressure from destruction by human activity. This species requires a mature aquarium with a soft sand substrate. There should be plenty of hiding places/visual barriers amongst driftwood, rocky caves, PVC pipes/flowerpots, and areas of dense planting. The more hiding places that are provided, the more the catfish are likely to venture out and about, as they will get to know they have safe places to quickly retreat to if they feel the need. Dim lighting is preferred, but this can be brighter if it is diffused with broad leaved plants or floating vegetation. A blue moon light timed to come on just before the main lights switch off will provide you with time in the evening to watch the nocturnal antics of this catfish under its preferred subdued conditions. Filtration should be efficient, but water movement gentle. Bags of aquarium peat can be added into the filter to help simulate the required blackwater conditions. Small partial water changes should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure nitrate is kept to a minimum. Two Spot Catfish are gregarious and are best maintained in groups of 5 or more. Tankmates should be small and peaceful - good companions could include gouramis, glass catfish, hatchetfish, loaches, rasboras, and tetras. Providing the catfish are kept well fed, the smallest of fish are usually quite safe, and large shoals of 'dither fish' may actually help to encourage the catfish out into view a little more. May also be seen on sale as Two Spot Mystus.


A bottom feeding species which should be offered a varied diet consisting of good quality sinking catfish pellets/granules, frozen foods such as bloodworm, white mosquito larvae, vitamin-enriched brineshrimp, Mysis etc, as well as some vegetable matter.


The Two Spot Catfish has not been bred in the home aquarium, but would be a worthwhile breeding project for the serious hobbyist, especially with the natural habitat under threat.

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