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WHITE BEE SHRIMP (Caridina logemani .var)

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The White Bee Shrimp also known as the Snow White bee shrimp is also a rather old colour morph of the wild Bee Shrimp. It is a white mutation of some otherwise more or less wild-looking bee shrimp strain. All colours except the white markings on the body are gone and both the eggs and ovaria are blue. The mutation here is much like that of Snowball Shrimp.

The exact origin and breeder who selectively bred this species is unknown. It is thought it was discovered in Germany. The species is not widespread and is very difficult to obtain. It will eventually become more widespread and potentially new strains can be developed from it. A little selective breeding has been done on them yet. Breeders had a hard time to keeping this strain alive in the beginning but these specimens available today are quite easy to keep and breed.