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Petrotilapia sp."yellow chin" can be found as well along the western side of the lake, (near the Maleri Islands, Namalenje Island and Mbenji Island) as along the eastern side (between Chuanga and Makanjila point). They are living there in reasonable shallow water, in rocky environments and in the intermediate zones from rocks to sand. This variant can be found in the neighbourhood of Mbenji Island.

In the lake the males of these species can grow to 17 cm, in the aquarium however they can grow a little taller because of a good feeding. The males can then grow to about 19 cm, females grow to about 16 cm.

Petrotilapia sp."yellow chin" can behave intolerant against equal species, against other inhabitants they are in general tolerant. You can best keep this species together with multiple females and other mbunas in an aquarium with a lot of hiding places.

In the lake they are mainly feeding themselves with algae which they find on the rocks. In the aquarium they are comfortable with any food. They take everything they get offered, like spirulina pellets, mysis, artemia, cyclops and shrimp-peas mix. Food rich of algae like spirulina pellets or flakes is very important to them so this should not be missing on their menu.