Group Buys

How to make a Group fish / livestock order:

  1. The coordinator: Assign or Take the coordinator position. The coordinator will be person whom we ship the shipment to (their name is used on the airlines shipping documents) and coordinate the groups order.
  2. The Group Name: Give your group a group name when your ready to put in the order. Use the name of the city where the shipment will land AND the number of participants in the group and what ever else you want, eg "The Kelowna 4 Sums", or the "The Calgary 6 T Niners" you get the idea.
  3. As the coordinator:
    1. Advise all your group participants to set up their own account if not already done.
    2. Advise them to review these group buy instructions.
    3. You as the coordinator will set the shipment day and ensure all participants are informed when they need to get their orders finalized and paid. Remind participants that a Min of 24 hours for Westjet and Air Canada is needed.
  4. How to inform us: When you are selecting fish, send us a note in the box "Add a note to your order" at the bottom of the ordering screen. The note says...
    1. Coordinator writes - "Coordinator and the group name"
    2. Participant writes -  "the group name".
    3. If you dont write the group name we will not know you are part of that group.
  5. Follow the instructions for making an normal fish order.
  6. Call us if you need assistance, we are here to help.
  7. Rules and Tips:
    1. All participants need to select the same shipping day. The final shipping rate will be based on the total of all the orders. This rate can vary pending the  individual order sizes and adjustments made to the orders. You will need to pay your individual orders in full including any shipping applied, but remember there will be shipping refunds, because you are part of a much larger order.
    2. We will tally the total order, and the individual orders and each participant will pay their % of the shipping. The formula for each participant will be as follows: The individual orders amount for fish / groups total order = the participant's % of the order.  Then its that %  x ship value based on the groups total of all orders. We will then refund a portion of or all of the shipping you paid, based on the above formula. In other words if you buy 50% of the totals groups order you will pay 50% of the groups shipping charge. The bigger the order value the less the shipping is.
    3. Unpaid participant orders will not be shipped and will affect the overall order total and ship rate.
    4. Be aware that the value of your order, your shipping charge, and your name may be shared with the rest of the group, if required. No other information will be shared with the group.
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