We are shipping living animals that can only survive in a box for a limited time and are not always predictable. In addition our actual  inventory levels can be different than the levels indicated on our website. We update weekly, via counting the swimming fish, this is not an easy task even for the slow swimmers. 

Low Stock: At time of shipping it is possible the fish you purchased simple are not there. There may not be enough time to contact you and ask for a alternative fish, therefore if 75% of your order value ($) is available for shipping at time of shipping we will ship your order with out further contact, and refund you any shortages. 

Fish Sizing: Fish size on individual species is an average and may not be exactly as the fish arrive, as fish grow and or larger ones sell the size you receive them at may be different than stated on their product page, generally the size is within 1 inch of the rated size, or a larger gap if the species grow Larger. Because of this its important to let us know if exact sizing is important for instance if your current fish are much smaller and your worried about predation or vice versa.

Sexing Fish: We will do our best guess when asked to sex the fish but If the species are not indicated as male or female then they are sold as unsexed. We will not be able to sex fish that are sold in small sizes or when sexual dimorphism is lacking. Please research the species if sexing is possible before asking us to sex the fish. We will do our best guess when asked to sex the fish but If the bags are not marked male or female this means we did not sex them or the sex is very obvious. We will not respond to a request made to sex a fish outside of marking the bags when it is possible"

Tropica Plants: If you do not add notes and tell us what plants you want we will pick them for you with out further contact.

Home delivery: While we try to have most shipments delivered to your home, there may be times we simply feel it is in the best interest of the fish in the box to have it delivered to an authorized shipping outlet. We will email you when we do this, but always check your FED EX emails you receive to see the address we are shipping to. Our default choice is the Staples Office stores when we need this service, the packages are stored inside. This is also a great alternative if you feel you will not be home at the time of delivery, you can simply pick up at the Staples store or other outlets. You can request this service anytime.

Rural areas: If you live in a rural or small community it is possible that delivery to your door in an acceptable time frame via Fed Ex cannot happen. In these scenarios we may ship to a Fed Ex Authorized Ship center up to 1 hour away via car without further notice. Our rule of thumb is if we can deliver to your door overnight we will, but if we can shave off 1 day off a 2 day delivery and you are within 1 hours drive of an authorized ship center then that is where we will ship. Also if it is very cold out we may also opt for a  Fed Ex Authorized Ship center shipment, this is to minimize length of time in the delivery vans. We will contact you if we cannot ship within these guidelines for further direction.

Wrong Address: If you have supplied us an incorrect shipping address, we may never know that and your order may go astray. If this happens obtaining the shipment will be your sole reasonability we will not offer any refunds. If we feel the town/city is correct but the street address is wrong we may choose to ship to an authorized shipping outlet. We will inform you at the time of shipping. We cannot ship to a post office box.

 PLEASE NOTE:   If you do not agree with this policy, please do not order or cancel your order now. If you cancel after we have notified you of shipping (boxes are packed ready to go) there is a cancellation fee that will be deducted from your shipping refund. Cancellation fees (after we have boxed your order) are deducted from your refund from the shipping fees at the rate of: $10.00 + $2.00 per fish bag we have prepared.

Suggestions: You are free to suggest substitutes in the special instructions, especially when the available stock is low (indicated under the fish price). You may instruct "Only ship if 100% of the order is shipping" or "Only ship if xyz fish is shipping", which in effect is creating alternate parameters for the shipping policy. This does not cancel fees if you choose to cancel after we have boxed your order in accordance to your instructions.