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Shipping Discount Token

Shipping Discount Token

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Token Terms & Conditions:

  • How: Create an account, create an order and add this token to your cart. If there is no Token on the order then there will be no shipping rebate, and the order will be treated as normal.
  • 25% of your shipping refunded when order reaches $100.00 (not including shipping)
  • 35% of your shipping refunded when order reaches $200.00 (not including shipping)
  • 50% of your shipping refunded when order reaches $300.00 (not including shipping)
  • 25% - 35% of your shipping refunded when order contains mostly specialty fish requiring singled bagged or extra water. (example Discus, 3”- 4” Cichlids, etc) 
  • 25% if shipping to destinations that take 2 nights to reach you. This is because we need to use bigger bags and more water resulting in heavier/larger shipments.
  • 25% if shipping to destinations with postal codes displaying a 0 in the second position. (Larger rebate will apply if shipping to a drop point without the 0, see next bullet point and last point)
  • Shipments are likely to be shipped to a nearby Fed Ex Authorized pick up, rather than your home (E.g. Staples, Home Hardware, Penguin Pick up etc.). If you want delivery to your home only DONOT use this token. You may request via the special instructions box in the cart to deliver to a specific Fed Ex Pick Up location. You won’t need to wait at home for your shipment.
  • All DOA or Thrive claims will be settled with a store credit via a gift card instead of the standard refund. (Credit/Debit card or e-Transfer refunds are not given when this token is used, except the initial shipping rebate)
  • DOA and Thrive Claims must be at least 10% or more of the fish value within the shipment.
  • Rebates for shipping are refunded at time of shipping.
  • Shipping method:  Select FED EX at time of check out or Quote if Fed Ex is not visible.  Selecting Canada Post will be treated as Quote.
  • Quoted shipping rates will be at standard rates, then a rebate is refunded at time of shipping for consistency reasons,
  • Cancelling: Orders may be cancelled at your request less a 3% cancellation fee. (The Shopify platform keeps this 3%)
  • Exclusions: Fish over 6", Special Order items, very remote destinations (more than 2 nights via Fed Ex) and Wholesale accounts.


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