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An albino pearlscale is homozygous (double dose) for two recessive traits, albino and pearlscale.  The genotype for an albino pearlscale is:

a/a – p/p

 Both albino and pearlscale are recessive traits, so each trait only expresses when the angelfish is homozygous (double dose) for that trait.  The albino trait prevents development of dark pigments.  The areas that are normally striped appear white, and the rest of the body has a light apricot color.  The pupils are red.  The pearlscale trait alters the shape and aligment of the scales to be more reflective of light, giving the angelfish a glossier apperance. 

 The albino pearlscale has a delicate beauty.  Successful breeding and raising of the albino pearlscale angelfish is a double challenge.  Albino fry have poor vision and are considered more difficult to raise than fry of other varieties.   The pearlscale trait is sensitive to environmental conditions and does not always fully express even under optimum conditions.

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