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BLACK EMPEROR TETRA (Nematobrycon palmeri)

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One of the best tetras for the ‘general’ community setup. It is lively, peaceful and its colours offer a pleasing contrast to those of many other species. It’s a good tankmate for most commonly available livebearers, danionins, rasboras, other tetras and peaceful bottom dwellers such as Corydoras or smaller Loricariids. It can also be kept with the majority of commonly available gouramis and dwarf cichlids. Obviously it isn’t safe with larger species that may see it as food. In a South American-themed tank as described above, it can be combined with other peaceful tetras, pencil fish, Apistogramma and other dwarf cichlids.

Always buy a group of at least half a dozen of these, preferably 10 or more. It’s a shoaling species by nature, and will fare much better when in the company of its own kind. It actually looks far more effective when maintained like this anyway. Rival males are territorial with one another to an extent, but no serious damage is done during their battles provided the tank is sufficiently large and well-decorated.