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BLACK SHARK (Labeo chrysophekadion ) 2404

BLACK SHARK (Labeo chrysophekadion ) 2404

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Tends to inhabit larger river channels but also occurs in smaller tributaries, canals and inundated floodplains, less often in reservoirs and other man-made impoundments.

Adults undertake seasonal migrations to forage in floodplains and breed in upstream areas (see ‘Reproduction’).

Maximum Standard Length

500 – 600 mm.

A large, mature filter system, rigorous maintenance regime comprising weekly water changes of 50-70% tank volume, and provision of highly-oxygenated water with a degree of movement should be considered mandatory.

Smaller individuals will also appreciate a cave or shaded spot around which they may form a territory.

Water Conditions

Temperature: 20 – 26 °C

pH: 6.0 – 8.0

Hardness: 36 – 268 ppm

Behaviour and Compatibility

This species can be belligerent and aggressively territorial towards conspecifics and similarly-shaped fishes, especially when space is limited.

L. chrysophekadion is also known as ‘black sharkminnow’. It continues to be available in the ornamental trade despite its patent unsuitability for the home aquarium, and an albino form has been selectively bred for the purpose.

It can be distinguished from other members of the genus by the following combination of characters: body and fins black; dorsal fin large, with anterior branched dorsal rays longer than head and distal margin straight to slightly concave; 15-18½ branched dorsal rays; both lips fringed; juveniles all black; large adults grey to black with a single iridescent spot on each scale.

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