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BLUE BOLT SHRIMP (Caridina cantonensis .var) Taiwan S grade import

BLUE BOLT SHRIMP (Caridina cantonensis .var) Taiwan S grade import

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Blue Bolt Shrimps are a type of Taiwan Bee Shrimp. They are very good looking and are a fantastic cleanup crew for the tank. The combination of spectacular colours and cleaning functions makes them one of the most preferred ornamental species of freshwater invertebrates.


Blue Bolt Shrimp aren't as hardy as their Neocaridina cousins and can be sensitive to poor water conditions.


Like all Shrimp, Blue Bolts need plenty of hiding places in the aquarium to feel secure. They also like to have different kinds of surfaces to forage on. Plants like Java Moss will be much appreciated and are not difficult to grow and keep.


Blue Bolts are characterised by a brilliant blue upper section of the dorsal shell that gradually turns into a white body. The colouration of the dorsal shell can range from intense deep blue to light sky colour with varying transparency. You may also find these Shrimp with white spotting, especially on the tail.

Scientific Name Caridina cantonensis
Other Names Taiwan Bee, Extreme Blue Bolt, Blue Caridina
Classification Malacostraca
Order Decapoda
Family Atyidae
Genus Caridina
Temperament Peaceful
Aquarium Level Bottom - Middle
Difficulty Beginner - Intermediate
Shoaling No
Best kept as Groups 10+
Diet Omnivore
Reproduction livebearer
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