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A beautifully marked species of Severum known from the Rio Negro and its tributaries in Brazil, the Spotted Severum (Heros notatus) displays a distinct spotted pattern throughout the body on a vivid green or orange-green base. Mature specimens also display larger black blotches along the ventral surface and sometimes vivid reds depending on mood, water conditions, and stress.  As wild fish from warm, acidic waters, they will display their best colors in a similar setup with soft, low-pH water and will benefit from the addition of tannins from Indian Almond leaves or other botanicals. Generally peaceful towards similar sized tankmates, they can be aggressive towards each other and should be kept singly or in a larger group of 5 or more fish (they will get along with most other Heros species as long as the group is large enough).

Diet: Omnivore, will accept most frozen and prepared foods
Adult Size: 10″
Recommended Tank Size: 120 gallons
Compatibility: Moderately aggressive, especially towards conspecifics or other similar cichlids.

Preferred Water Parameters
pH:                          6.0 – 7.2
Temp:                     76-82F
Ammonia:              0ppm
Nitrite:                    0ppm
Nitrate:                  <30ppm

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