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BLUEBERRY SNAIL (Vivaparus .sp)

BLUEBERRY SNAIL (Vivaparus .sp)

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The Blue Berry Sn ail is a still undetermined lidded snail from the family Viviparidae from Indonesia - this super beautiful new snail was found by Chris Lukhaup during his expeditions in Papua in biotopes where Cherax crabs are also found. Now we succeeded in importing a small number of these wonderful live-bearing snails.

The shell of this viviparous lid snail from the family Viviparidae is reddish brown to pink and grows to 2-3 cm in size. The foot is strikingly colored dark blue and shows funny golden speckles. Like all Viviparidae, this exotic lidded snail is separately sexual. You can recognize the sexually mature males by their thickened right antenna.

The females have a brood pouch inside their shell where the fertilized eggs develop. Every two to three weeks, the females release a single fully developed juvenile at a time, preferably during the night.

In habitat, Blue Berry Snails live primarily at the bottom of sediment-rich waters. They also like to burrow in the aquarium from time to time. Sand as substrate or a corner with healing earth as substrate therefore suits their needs.

You can keep a small group of five Blue Berry Snails in aquariums from 15 liters at a temperature of 22 to 28°C, a GH(total hardness) of 6 to 22 °dGH, a KH(carbonate hardness) of 3 to 15 °dKH and a pH-value from 7,5. Pay attention to a good water quality!

As a filter feeding snail, the Blue Berry Snail should be fed with a high quality dust food (for example NatureHolic Fan Feed). However, the lidded snail also likes to graze algae and biofilms from wood and other aquarium furnishings. It also likes to eat pudding food (NatureHolic Snailfeed Pudding). They will also happily graze on dried Hokkaido pumpkin or brown fall leaves.



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