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AMAZONAS Magazine first covered this emerging new Angelfish genetic variety in my Angelfish genetics article, published in the January/February 2013 issue (we’ve published an excerpt of this article online today as well). It’s amazing that in less than 2 years, this new form of Angelfish will finally start making its way through the tanks of domestic angel breeders around the country and beyond.

Of course, the story of the Bulgarian Green gene goes back more than two years; Raiko Slavkov has been working with this discovery for quite some time. One of the first fish with this gene brought to our attention was the “Bulgarian Seal Point” phenotype, as named by Slavkov, shown in this 2011 video:

Much of Slavkov’s work with this new gene has been documented as it happened on the Angelfish forum, TAF-II. Such online documentation offers a glimpse of a world that in the past, few would have ever known. The real-time, world wide documentation of Slavkov’s Bulgarian Green project provides an unprecedented historical record documenting the emergence of what will surely become a highly coveted form of Angelfish in the years to come.

This gene, currently using the abbreviation “bg”, is currently awaiting formal testing by breeders and thus, official canonization through The Angelfish Society. This will take some time, but the raw material is on hand and being quarantined at AngelfishUSA at this time.