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BUMBLEBEE CATFISH (Leiocassis siemensis)

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It will eat any tankmates small enough to be considered food, but can be safely housed with larger species that inhabit other areas of the tank. Ideal choices are medium to large-sized cyprinids, characins and peaceful cichlids.

It’s territorial towards other bottom-dwellers though, especially conspecifics. It should only be combined with such species in a suitably sized tank with plenty of hiding places and broken lines of sight.

Predatory by nature, but usually adapts well to dead foods in captivity. It relishes meaty items such as prawns, mussels, cockle, lancefish or earthworms. Most specimens will also take dried sinking foods. When first introduced it may only feed after lights out, and food should be added accordingly. Once settled most will learn to come out and

It should not be fed the meat of mammals such as beef heart or chicken. Some of the lipids contained in these meats cannot be properly metabolised by the fish, and can cause excess deposits of fat and even organ degeneration. Similarly there is no benefit in the use of ‘feeder’ fish such as livebearers or other small fish. Risks involved with feeding these include the potential of disease introduction.