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CHINESE HI-FIN BANDED SHARK (Myxocyprinus asiaticus)

CHINESE HI-FIN BANDED SHARK (Myxocyprinus asiaticus)

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The Hi-Fin Banded Shark has beautiful divergent colours, and the juveniles are stunning. Some fish-keepers will buy the youngsters without studying the needs to keep the fish well into its adult life.

They are docile, non-aggressive, slow-moving bottom-dwellers that make a perfect addition to the community tank, as long as you can transfer them into much larger living areas when they start to grow big as they can reach excess lengths of over three feet.

They can be kept as individuals, and they are frequently held in small shoals in an aquarium habitat.

Young Chinese High-fin banded Sharks have light bodies with three thick darkish brown to black slanting bands that deviate towards the rear of the fish, and a high triangular dorsal fin that extends to the back of the anal fin. Their colours change with their moods, and as they grow into adulthood, they become darker, and they lose their white stripes, and their bodies become more elongated, losing their distinctive high dorsal fin.

This species of fish is not related to sharks, although the juveniles do have a slight resemblance to sharks.

The High-fin Banded Shark has full, fleshy lips that display small papillae without barbels. It is deemed a true suckerfish and is defined for the absence of teeth in the mouth, just having a single row of pharyngeal teeth in the back of the throat that resembles a comb.

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