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COLOMBIAN SHARK (Hexanematichthys seemanni)

COLOMBIAN SHARK (Hexanematichthys seemanni)

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Also known as the Black Fin Shark, the Columbian Shark is a catfish which will grow quite large in an aquarium. It may also be referred to as Jordan's Catfish or the West American Cat Shark. The Columbian Shark has a high fin and long "whiskers" that gives it a classic catfish appearance.

Setting up a tank to match its natural environment will require plenty of plants and rocks. Since it grows quite large, starting with a minimum tank size of 70 gallons is recommended. As the Columbian Shark grows larger, there is a chance that the shark will eat smaller tank mates. This species prefers some aquarium salt in the water, and may also be acclimated slowly into a saltwater aquarium, as they live in both freshwater and saltwater during different times of their life.

The female Columbian Shark will lay the eggs and the male will incubate them in his mouth to protect them.

Feed this fish sinking catfish pellets, bloodworms, or a high quality algae food.

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