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CONGO PUFFER "POTATO" (Tetraodon miurus) (rare)

CONGO PUFFER "POTATO" (Tetraodon miurus) (rare)

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This puffer fish comes in a wide variety of colors. This can range from red, orange, brown, black, gray and marbled. The belly is usually white or a lighter shade of the base color. An irregular dot pattern can occur, but we almost never see this.

Tetraodon miurus also has anything but a ‘normal’ shape or appearance. The name ‘Potato’ has been unanimously discussed. We cannot ignore the fact that he just resembles a potato.

A notable anatomical adaptation of this species is that their mouths are pointed upwards. This is such that they can easily grab their prey without much effort.

The Congo Pufferfish is a medium-sized puffer fish native to Africa. They grow to a mature size of 15 centimetres.

They live in large parts of the Congo Basin and its tributaries. More specifically, this species will be found in the Kinsuka Rapids, the lower part of the Congo Basin, up to the higher Congo Basin in Lualaba. Thus, they are found both in large lakes and in fast-flowing waters.

Character/Special Traits

The Potato Puffer is a real ambush predator. This is the smallest and most special group among the pufferfish.

Ambush predators, called lurkers, are lurking hunters. As mentioned before, they literally sit or lie waiting for prey to pass their nose and then bite out of nowhere.
Unlike other pufferfish, they lack the speed to swim after prey.

Buried in the sand with only their eyes visible, moving in all directions. Pufferfish can move both their eyes separately and thus have an extremely wide and good view.

It should be clear that ambush predators are inactive fish. They will lie still most of the time, whether in the bottom or not. However, there are exceptions where the Miurus shows more active behavior and likes to swim around in the tank.

The pufferfish that fall into the ambush predator group are the only pufferfish that are allowed to eat fish. Other freshwater puffers that do not belong to this group, such as open water hunters and stealth predators, are unable to digest this and will very quickly develop liver problems.

The lurking hunters are very aggressive fish. Both to conspecifics and other fish. They attack anything that comes in their line of sight. Anything moving is considered food.

The Potato Puffer is a master of camouflage. Their ability to adapt to the environment is many times greater than that of other pufferfish. They are actually chameleons. They often take on green and brown tones so that they do not stand out in the substrate, between stones or wood. Yet they can go beyond taking on natural colours. They can suddenly turn orange or red if the situation calls for it.

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